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Rigorous scientific studies are redefining health and changing lives. Could they help you?

of veterans saw their PTSD eliminated (with a significant reduction in the other 32 percent) when treated with MDMA-assisted therapy.
of heroin-addicted persons reported complete resolution of opiate withdrawal, without drug-seeking behavior, when treated with Ibogaine.
of people with life-threatening cancer diagnosis saw significant and enduring decrease in depression when treated with psilocybin.
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Unwind knowing your trust, safety, and peace of mind are our guiding pillars.

We only admit prospective members on a referral-basis from current community members, and all members must take the North Star Ethics Pledge.



Develop heart-warming relationships with strangers and friends alike who share your passions and interests.

In addition to engaging message forums and webinars, we host community social events like open mic nights and weekly trivia contests. We also welcome new ideas!

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Receive answers to your psychedelic questions from experts in the medical, spiritual, and cultural spaces.

Our interactive and dynamic education sections break down everything you've ever wondered about psychedelics, and we are constantly updating with new information.

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Compare international retreats, scientific studies, local clinics, and other legal therapy options.

Enjoy relaxing yoga lessons, empowering meditations, and other services crafted by fellow community members and established creators.

How we get there

Purpose: We all desire the same thing... happiness and contentment for our loved ones and ourselves. We want you to have everything you need to achieve that goal.

Action: As a new member, you will be matched with your own empathic mentor to grow your support network and knowledge base around natural medicine.

Purpose: Your voice matters. Someone you know credits psychedelic medicine for drastically improving their life. We'd love to prove it.

Action: If you are a courageous soul interested in sharing your story, please follow this guide.

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